Project no. Μ16ΣΥΝ2 00222

Adoption of a holistic and environmentally friendly approach to potato cultivation

Use of naturally occurring materials (biostimulants and defense activators) combined with application of remote sensing techniques to ensure cultivation in the most sustainable way possible

The innovation of POTATO2UP will be applied for the first time as a pilot in Greece, while it is an international prototype for this specific crop and in the special soil-climatic conditions of the region

Features of the Potato2Up project

Remote Sensing and Agriculture

Monitoring crop growth and parcel yields is a key process for food security. By using Remote Sensing, farmers can monitor the health of their crops in real time and make informed decisions about management practices.

Organic approaches to cultivation

The application of organic approaches in agriculture is a modern agricultural practice, which aims to improve production quality by better absorption of nutrients during the growing season while reducing chemical inputs and increasing plant tolerance to abiotic stresses.

Study area

The study area covers an area of about 10,000 m2 in Perithori, P.E. Drama at a height of 600 meters, which is characterized by a fertile basin surrounded by mountains. The composition of the soil, the local climate and the know-how of local producers contribute to the successful cultivation of potatoes in this region.

Primary Production – Research – Business – Consumer


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