The Area of Interest in Perithori

Perithori village, located at an altitude of 600 meters in the Drama Periphery, is a significant agricultural production area. The village is surrounded by mountains that give it a unique and beautiful landscape, and the basin in the area is very fertile and provides the local population with a variety of resources. Agriculture is an important part of the local economy, and the village is well known for its production of potatoes. Potato cultivation has a long tradition in the wider region of Nevrokopi, and this project seeks to study the organic practices of fertilizing and protecting the potato crop in an area of around 10,000 m² in Perithori, P.E. Drama. The specific climate and soil composition of this mountainous region, combined with the experience and knowledge of local producers, all contribute to the success of potato cultivation in the area. Through this research project, the developed protocol for environmentally friendly and consumer friendly means of fertilizing and protecting potato plants can benefit other mountainous regions of Greece to produce potatoes sustainably and efficiently.

Topography of the area

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