The Nevrokopi potato- the subject of study of the Potato2up- project ranked 3rd among many others from around the world

The recent publication of the TasteAtlas magazine ranked the Neukopi potato as one of the six best potatoes in the world. Through the POTATO2UP project, the importance of the study area in Northern Greece in the development of high quality potato cultivation is highlighted. Specifically, in the AWARDS 2023-2024 competition, the Nefrokopi potato is ranked third in the world, highlighting its excellent quality.

These potatoes are grown in the municipalities of Kato Nefrokopi, Kato Vrontou, Perithori, Dasotou, Lefkogeia, Chrysokephalos, Ochirus, Vathytopou and Kataphytou. Their cultivation began in the area in the 1920s and since then they have become very popular due to their superior quality.

Nefrokopi potatoes contain high levels of carbohydrates, starch and protein due to the excellent climatic conditions and sandy soils of the area. They are grown during the summer months and harvested in September, when temperatures are low and rainfall is high, thus ensuring their superior quality.

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